November 10, 2014 by nancy411

Dreaming of a Return Trip

Stories of the immigrant experience–especially those portraying travelers who made the United States their new home–abound in both libraries and bookstores. The urge to document appears to transcend cultural boundaries and a list of 10 Great Novels About the Immigrant Experience and one the 50 Greatest Works of Immigration Literature have inspired westsidewriter to try some of these titles soon.

But what about those who come to the U.S. and then–either involuntarily or by choice–return home? Is this the immigrant dream or a nightmare? Tomorrow’s featured event at John Jay College is sure to offer some new perspectives.

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Featured Event for Tuesday, November 11, 2014


5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Los Otros Dreamers (The Other Dreamers) at John Jay College Los Otros Dreamers is a community-published anthology of stories and photos depicting the experience of youth who have returned to México, either forcibly or by personal choice, after having grown up in the United States. This volume presents the testimonies and photographs of twenty-six young women and men who are working and fighting for their dreams in a land that is many times both familiar and alien to them. In word and image, the book speaks of the challenges, obstacles, injustices, triumphs and potential of this bilingual, bicultural generation on the move. A panel discussion between U.S. Dreamers and Dreamers who returned to Mexico will follow the presentation. (Located at North Hall, 445 W. 59th Street.) Admission is free.

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What’s on your shelves?
Two of my top picks for films on this subject are El Norte and Hester Street. Do you have a favorite book or film about the immigrant experience?

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