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Seen in the Biblical Gardens at St. John the Divine

Regardless of their religious affiliation (or absence thereof), the Cathedral of St. John the Divine offers visitors an abundance of opportunities to revel in the arts: musical, literary and visual. The Biblical Gardens, just south of the Cathedral, features a striking Peace Fountain by sculptor Greg Wyatt. Plaques around the fountain are inscribed with quotes by thinkers including Lennon, Ghandi, and Socrates, that expand on the theme.

This Saturday, March 28, the Cathedral will host a staging of “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” by Flannery O’Connor who was inducted into the Poet’s Corner in November of last year. More about this production and a link to purchase tickets is available here.  From the Cathedral’s website:

Compagnia de’ Colombari’s critically acclaimed production of Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor, created for the stage by Karin Coonrod, is a tragi-comic interracial seat-shifting dance by Whites and African-Americans on a moving bus in America’s Deep South. Playing and speaking out the story verbatim, eight Colombari actors with razor sharp precision create all the characters and all the narration. O’Connor’s voice spread out across the company of actors carries the power of the apocalyptic comedy right into the audience.

Want more of Flannery O’Connor? Symphony Space will host a Selected Shorts show devoted to her work on April 22.

Looking for more literary events on the UWS?  Check out our updated calendar.

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