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December 16, 2014 by westsidewriter

St. Agnes Book Sale Offers Something for Every Reader

Looking for a gift for the book lover in your life? Some of the best bargains on the UWS can be found for one afternoon only at the St. Agnes Library on Wednesday, December 17.

The wonderful volunteers at St. Agnes actually hold the sales twice a month, but this is the last opportunity to shop before the end of the year. Westsidewriter is a regular customer at these sales and recently brought home this selection. No book (or CD) was priced higher than $2.


I’m particularly looking forward to dipping into “Life at the Dakota” to find out which UWS writers have called the building home.


Newcomers to the sales may be surprised to find how large a selection is offered. Situated on the lower level of the building–accessible by an elevator–books are stacked in long rows and organized in multiple categories; a well-stocked children’s section with books in English and other languages, is a special gift to those with avid young readers in their lives.




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